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 Aero Kick Community Boxing Gym Birmingham

We are proud to promote Community Aero kick, a unique family orientated boxing and kickboxing gym in the heart of Digbeth.

A comfortable environment where child and adult alike can train and achieve through partaking in fun fitness.



Get Fit and have fun in the heart of Birmingham

Indoor and outdoor Boxing and Kickboxing studio , 16ft boxing ring, 14 punch bags, 2 speed balls , cardio and weights equipment, changing facilities , showers and classroom

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Adults Kickboxing

 This Class is taught in a fully equipped fighting gym. Spacious matted area with 14 punch bags, 2 speed balls, 16ft boxing ring and cardiovascular equipment. The perfect environment for the student to excel in all aspects of the sport. Emphasis on increasing personal fitness, grading and sparring. Caters for novice, intermediate and advanced. Guaranteed you’ll feel this class!

Kid’s Kickboxing

A fun athletic based kickboxing class for the kids, where they use all the equipment for individual and team building skills.
Community Aero-Kick brings the talents of kids, family and schools together.

Community Box Challenge

This is a platform for men and women of all ages and fitness levels to get into boxing and to enjoy taking part in a life changing journey that will fill you with confidence, lose weight, get fit and make new friends! After 8 weeks of boxing training, you'll have the chance to take part in an amazing event that will show off your new found skills

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The team




Manager and co-founder community Aero Kick Gym.

1st degree BA (Hons) in sports studies. Active IQ personal trainer level 3, YMCA Gym Instructor Level 2, YMCA Circuit Instructor

Rudy’s positive work continues to be implemented within the gym, working alongside the disaffected and challenging youths throughout the community.

Stevie ‘Pitbull’ Pitt

Stevie ‘Pitbull’ Pitt


22 year old 1st degree kickboxing instructor and English champion.

A role model for young children and adults alike and a true pioneer for the sport of kickboxing

Stevie is a tried and tested young warrior who will always fight to the bitter end regardless of outcome.

Colin Treasure

Colin Treasure

Chief Coach

Co- founder and chief coach of community aero kick gym.

4th Degree Black belt ABA boxing coach and personal trainer.

Colin is a proud promoter of his sport, using his extensive knowledge and expertise to promote health and fitness in a fun and enjoyable way as part of a healthy lifestyle.

He was three times British Kickboxing champion at welter, superwelter and light middle!


Fitness for the Family. Boxing, Kickboxing and Gym Classes in fun friendly environment
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A message from Colin Treasure

I have devoted a large part of my life to the study of lifelong health and fitness. I am fascinated by the capabilities of the human body and its longevity if trained correctly. My philosophy behind my training: I believe that consistent sporting participation relies heavily on the FUN factor of any sporting endeavour. Balancing positive fitness outcomes in an enjoyable environment will aid the journey to individual achievement. This I believe is paramount for success. This tried and tested combination of health related education has paid dividends within a wide range of educational establishments, ranging from Primary and Secondary schools to Universities. Taught in my unique style and charismatic approach will leave you enthused, confident and eager for your next session, with a massive sense of achievement.
Colin Treasure


Superb professional delivery, pupils thoroughly enjoyed the sessions and got so much out it, it really is physical arts at its best, fully worthwhile investing in. Bournville School and Sixth Form Centre, Bournville Physical Arts was a very beneficial activity for the girls. They found it challenging, yet very rewarding. There were many instances where the girls felt inspired to go and take part in various physical activities based on the words of Colin. I would definitely recommend that Physical Arts be brought into schools as the activity can be targeted towards various age ranges and abilities.

Professional Delivery

Marsha Webber School Sports Co Ordinator, Bournville

Colin recently ran a kick boxing for weight loss workshop for the NHS at Birmingham City Hospital. The workshop was dynamic, exciting and lots of fun! His friendly and enthusiastic style encouraged even the most self-conscious patients to participate, enjoy the session and explore their potential. He received exceptional feedback. The general concencus shared by all was that he made us feel more confident. We will be very keen for him to run such workshops for the NHS in the future!

Dynamic and Exciting!

Dynamic and Exciting!

Ruchi Batra, Speciality Registrar in Opthamology, NHS
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