Welcome to Aero-Kick – The Family Gym


The name and ethos of Aero-Kick has been around for a long time, known synonymously over the years for kickboxing and health related fun activities for the family.

We are proud of what we stand for and how far we have come. We are in the heart of the community, for the community which is reflected in our affordable non tied in memberships

With our purpose built digbeth base we are now in a better position to offer a more extensive and diverse service all under the one roof. Aero-Kick can now offer: Boxing, WBC,  Kickboxing, Mma, Bjj, Sparring, Treasures Transformation, Masterclass, Personal Training and Parent for a Pound. Underpinned with the importance of personal achievement and monitored development.

Covid 19 has stopped all we deliver at Aero-Kick for some time now, in the class sense. Leaving the only alternative open to us which is to ZOOM. Though not ideal this is the only and legal way we can reach out to our existing members.

Aero-Kick is now teamed with AW Kickboxing and MACK martial arts clubs to deliver a variety of zoom classes each day. Every class has a bespoke structure for their age group and ability. Therefore, the participating student can still train and continue to develop and achieve throughout the lockdown. If you’re not a believer in the strength and authenticity of a zoom class. Try one for FREE!

Here is the list of classes available on the programme. Along with previous and upcoming classes all can join until we’re allowed back in our gyms 12th April.

Reach your Fitness and Training Goals

First Class Personal Trainers

Multiple years of experience

Group or Individual Training sessions

Events and Class Timetables

Located in Digbeth, Birmingham

Get Fit and have fun in the heart of Birmingham

Indoor and outdoor Boxing and Kickboxing studio, 16ft boxing ring, 14 punch bags, 2 speed balls, cardio and weights equipment, changing facilities, showers and classroom

A message from Colin Treasure

I have devoted a large part of my life to the study of lifelong health and fitness. I am fascinated by the capabilities of the human body and its longevity if trained correctly. My philosophy behind my training: I believe that consistent sporting participation relies heavily on the FUN factor of any sporting endeavour. Balancing positive fitness outcomes in an enjoyable environment will aid the journey to individual achievement. This I believe is paramount for success. This tried and tested combination of health related education has paid dividends within a wide range of educational establishments, ranging from Primary and Secondary schools to Universities. Taught in my unique style and charismatic approach will leave you enthused, confident and eager for your next session, with a massive sense of achievement.

Colin Treasure

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