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On January 1st 2023 I was 100kg. I was 17 years old and 5ft 7 inches. I knew I was excessively over weight and I could not continue like this. At the end of Jan I got a membership at Aero-Kick gym and trained both Boxing & Kickboxing 4/5 times a week. I took part in a variety of training concepts from high intensity functional and fight style training. As my familiarity and enjoyment grew, this was the foundation which motivated me to continue. My discipline was really tested as I knew I also had to change my diet, which was really bad. I couldn't have it cancelling out my hard work in the gym. So changing what I eat and how much I eat was essential for complete success. Therefore understanding my own calorie deficit. I lost over 30kg in 8 months. Finding it easier along the way because I could see and feel the difference. Plus learning an exciting martial art which was now my developing new interest. I went from 4 meals a day to 2. Having light healthy snacks in between if ever I felt peckish. By August/ September I slimmed down to 68-70kg. I am currently at this weight and have maintained this until the end of 2023. Being part of the gym and their style of training was the catalyst for my weight loss. I am now able to spar and compete in boxing / kickboxing competitions. So roll on 2024 where bigger and bolder achievements are now possible💪🏿🥊

Shwaan Abbas

I was tired of being the fat kid and what comes with it. People mocking or muttering under their breath about the way I looked. I had low self-esteem and no confidence. But knew I wanted to lose weight. I had also wanted to box. I knew enough to know in order to box you have to be in shape. I started Aero-Kick boxing classes. As soon as I had started we entered Lockdown. So I tried to go it alone in order to lose the weight. I rode for 2 hours a day as well as having 1 meal a day. I knew there was a better, safer way to lose weight instead of doing this alone. The lockdown had now lifted, and I went back to the boxing classes. I was committed to the training and managed to dedicate and discipline myself. I lost stones. So much so that I got myself into fighting fit shape to be chosen to represent in the ICO World Championships in Budapest, Hungary. So body in shape and high in confidence I continue to train.


Been at the gym for 3 years and planning to stay for many more. Amazing coaches for both boxing and kickboxing! If your looking to get in to combat sport then you’re in the right place. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced martial artist.

Saddam Maana

The women and adult boxing classes at Aero Kick both provide a great, welcoming environment to learn the sport regardless of your level and goals. PT sessions with Keelan and Mav have been really beneficial in seeing development too, would highly recommend to anyone :)


My daughter has been doing boxing here since last two years and it is one of the best. Rudy and Collin put a lot of effort teaching the kids.

Yasmin Khan

I always have a great time training and such a laugh while training very hard I wish I had found this place years ago Everyone so polite and helpful and experienced And no one has an ego to shine, unlike other gyms

Siall Ahmed

Amazing friendly gym everyone's welcome all ranges from beginners to Brittish kick boxing champions. Easy to stay in shape when your having fun.

Big Meeks

Awesome gym. Training and facilties for ladies only. Such a great vibe to. 😊

Aasma Halima