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FACT.  For this to work there needs to be a disciplined lifestyle change in your nutrition and exercise regime. But there needs to be a point in your life to trigger the need to take that first step to transform. Some could be:

  • Clothes bulging in the wrong places
  • Becoming out of breath on simple activity
  • Catching your reflection in a mirror
  • The need to shape up for a holiday, wedding etc.

The above should be enough motivation for you to pursue. If you choose to you will have your timeframe to prepare a realistic goal for your nutritional and exercise plan. Your coach will discuss along with your availability. This will ensure the training and nutrition is specific to your needs in order to maximise results. Once this is in place then YOU are accountable to the coach. Your progress will be monitored and checked over a set period. All said and done, do you have it in you to transform with Treasure?

Remainder payable after deposit - £80

8 weeks - £100



Aged 54 and weighing 197.4 kgs with a height of 6ft 5” this is Linus! He is now fulfilling his dream through his personal training session which consists of boxing once a week of which he has always wanted to try and training with ‘Treasures Transformation’ twice a week.

Linus started his quest on 3rd January 2018. He has now lost 4 kgs!

Keep watching this space to see the big man’s progress!!!