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Kids Kickboxing


From the sweet innocence of a child,

comes the strong but disciplined future

of the young champion.


Aerokick can do that!


kids kickboxing

Local Business?

Heard of White Collar Boxing?

Put down those files, close down that laptop, don't even answer the phone.



Double Olympic champion Dame Kelly Holmes has endorsed Colin Treasures ethic, ethos and attitude towards fitness and health, as seen above participating in a class with Colin Treasure. 

We are inviting you to come and take part in an exciting, fun fitness session at your leisure, for the individual or the work group.

Perfect for team building exercises within your company.

We will put on a session either morning, afternoon or evening dedicated just for you or your staff.

Kids Boxing

Community Aero-Kick bringing the talents of the schools together.

The Super Six is now a national school competition.



Bringing school kids together to get fit, exercise and have fun. 

Get them to teach the sofa who's boss and kick boredom into touch

Are You In??

Fitness and fun

FORMER BRITISH kick-boxing champion Colin Treasure is still delivering punches as he inspires the next generation to understand the importance of exercise. Spending half an hour with this 49-year-old human dynamo makes you realise that he is a ‘treasure’ both by name and nature when it comes to motivating children and their parents to commit to fitness.
Poppy Brady, The Voice

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Adults Kickboxing

 This Class is taught in a fully equipped fighting gym. Spacious matted area with 14 punch bags, 2 speed balls, 16ft boxing ring and cardiovascular equipment. The perfect environment for the student to excel in all aspects of the sport. Emphasis on increasing personal fitness, grading and sparring. Caters for novice, intermediate and advanced. Guaranteed you’ll feel this class!

Kid’s Kickboxing

A fun athletic based kickboxing class for the kids, where they use all the equipment for individual and team building skills.
Community Aero-Kick brings the talents of kids, family and schools together.

Community Box Challenge

This is a platform for men and women of all ages and fitness levels to get into boxing and to enjoy taking part in a life changing journey that will fill you with confidence, lose weight, get fit and make new friends! After 8 weeks of boxing training, you'll have the chance to take part in an amazing event that will show off your new found skills

WBC Women’s Boxing Club

This boxing class is aimed specifically for women. An inventive circuit based class utilising functional strength, cardio, and agility. All women are taught the fundamentals of boxing from novice to advanced. Pad work and sparring are key components for the individual to improve and develop their technique and performance.

Kelly’s Abs Blast

If core strength is your weakness, then this abs blast class is for you. This class will improve your posture, tighten and flatten your mid-section to a level where you can grate cheese on it. Otherwise, you answer to Kelly, your hardcore instructor who takes no prisoners.

1:1 Sessions

Colin offers a unique, goal driven, enjoyable and motivating style to personal training, designed and tailored for real results. Your sessions can be designed and adapted to achieve your personal fitness goals. Depending on what you prefer you can incorporate a kick-boxing training approach to provide you with the knowledge and skill of self defence while reaching your fitness goals. Sports specific training can also be utilized for the serious sports competitor or enthusiast . Individual and group sessions are welcome.

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