From the sweet innocence of a child,

comes the strong but disciplined future of the young champion.

Community Aero-Kick bringing the talents of the schools together.

Positive Impact Development

The PID structured training programmes sole objectives is for the pupil to achieve their full potential. It will provide the platform to acquire the necessary skills to be successful in a working environment. This is a bespoke sporting combination of group and individual communicative work giving them the tools to develop their social awareness and the confidence to prosper.

The programme will run through term time for 6-12 weeks. It will be based on a three day a week, three hours per day course in our purpose-built facility.

We also offer a training incentive called the “Individual Enrichment Plan.” This is a chance for the pupil to express themselves through their chosen activity and interest. This could be an off-site visit into the community where they can expand their knowledge base in that particular field. Previous examples of activities chosen are; Studio Time, Beauty Therapy, Football Coaching & Rock Climbing.

Targeted areas for improvement

  • Listening and communication skills
  • Core values and community respect,
  • Integrity and discipline
  • Independent learning
  • Leadership skills
  • Awareness of body image
  • Confidence and self esteem

If you would like your learners to be a part of this exciting new programme, then please contact us below so we can discuss the future possibilities and a partnership moving forward.

Be a part of the next generation to make a POSITIVE IMPACT in today’s society.

Contact: Colin 07956602885 or Rudy 07882768613

Positive Impact on the Community - Working with West Midlands Police